engaging the mind 

​with the game!

The Mini School is geared to teach the very littles ones the fundamentals of soccer such as using their feet to dribble, pass, shooting, and attacking direction in a fun and energetic environment. All games are introduced by read-alouds. The educational focus is on reading and listening comprehension, recalling details, and making connections while also introducing vocabulary and letter sounds/letter recognition. The curriculum has been developed by David Flores, a 7 year elementary school teacher with over 11 years of soccer coaching experience.​

Fall season

Tuesdays. Start Date: September 1th

​Time: 5:30-6:15
Place: Getzendaner Park, Waxahachie, TX​
Cost: $110  ​(Sibling Discount $10 off)
T-Shirt: $20 (Required)
Deadline: August 20th

spring season 

Wednesdays. Start Date: March 18th

Time: 6:00-6:45
Place: Indoor Soccer Spot, Waxahachie, TX​
Cost: $110  ​(Sibling Discount $10 off)
T-Shirt: $20 (Required)
Deadline: March 10th