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Our Mini-School is geared to teach 2 & 3 year olds the fundamentals of soccer such as using their feet to dribble, passing, shooting, and attacking direction in a fun and energetic environment. This is where your player's love for soccer will begin! 


Our programs

Teach, reinforce, and enhance the learning of Essential Knowledge & Skills through meaningful play


Our coaches will visit your school, daycare, or Mother's Day out program during recess or after school and engage students using our Reading English, Reading Spanish, or STAARs Soccer Club curriculum.


soccer little


Join our Soccer Little teams and expect your little one to continue growing their love for soccer in an educational environment. Be a part of Soccer Little's team and enjoy of weekly practices and games.

We use the fun game of soccer to engage the students physically while we teach them essential soccer skills. We guide our players to explore key concepts and vocabulary through guided discovery questions. These words and concepts ultimately guide our educational game. The game will encourage students to make connections and elaborate to develop a deeper and broader understanding of major concepts/skills.

engaging the mind with the game!

At Soccer Little we use a unique and engaging soccer curriculum to increase student achievement in Reading English, Reading Spanish, and Science. 


Our camps in North Texas and Tampa will offer our Reading English, Reading Spanish, or STAARs Soccer Club curriculum. Come play and learn while having a blast playing soccer with friends!

Texas School Funding

  • TEA approved allowable expense (Tech and Instructional Materials)
  • Title III Allowable Expense

florida school funding

  • Coming soon.